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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #114: It's A Mad, Mad, Maddon World

He's a magic man, mama. Plus: Oh, Puig; The Bennett Brothers Vs. Everyone; Elena Delle Donne Is Gay, Engaged And In Rio; and The I Told You So Olympics.



* 114.

5:22: The Joe Maddon Show.

* He's a magic man, mama.

* UPDATE: Jorge Soler has been brought up for Friday night's game against the A's and is in the lineup at DH. Joe Nathan was designated for assignment to make room.

* From Marty Gangler's Cub Factor this week:

"Former Annoying Cub of the Week: I'm going to break the cycle here and talk about Chris Coghlan. Sure, I'm not a fan at all, but I might as well get over it. He apparently has some sort of extra baseball 'goodness' in him that does not show up in ways normal people can see. And while he is not a 'former' Cub as he is still on the team, he is technically a 'former annoying' Cub as I am going to call him no longer annoying. So he is former annoying in that sense. He must be like super hilarious in the clubhouse or really good at pep talks or something for him to keep coming back to this team, but I'm going to embrace him now. I simply have no choice, he will not go away."

* Also from Marty in that column: "Big Poppa Joe has all the gadgets working on his Cub army knife, like even the tweezers and the saw blade."

* Maddon: Not me!

* Maddon on Javy Baez: "There's a week to 10 days where he'll shorten up and use the entire field; other times he's pretty much John Daly."

* Sullivan: Give Maddon The Weekend Off.

* Doolittle: Contreras Builds His Case Behind The Plate.

* Rogers: "Slowly but surely, Willson Contreras is taking over behind the plate."

* Heyward and Zobrist: Millstones?

39:43: Oh, Puig.

* The White Sox should have followed the Yankees model; instead, they followed the White Sox model.

* New York Daily News: Gleyber Torres Provides Look Into Yankees Future.

* Torres is in high-A ball.

49:10: The Bennett Brothers Vs. Everyone.

* Disliked by the media because journalists prefer being lied to.

* New narrative: Dowell Loggains is mini-Jay!

* Biggs: Bears Counting On Zach Miller.

* Oops!

* So now it's down to Tony Moeaki!

* Kevin White's Route Tree.

* Kevin White: Raw.

* Alshon Soler.

58:52: Elena Delle Donne Is Gay, Engaged And In Rio.

* Outgrew Gymnastics Dream, Targets Basketball Gold.

59:46: The I Told You So Olympics.

* South Korea Handles Fiji With Ease.

* North Korea indeed participates in the Olympics - most of the time.

* Fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad Finished Second To Michael Phelps In U.S. Flag-Bearer Vote.

* I'll put the Beachwood's coverage of Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid up against anyone's - just as our coverage of Barack Obama's 2008 campaign stands alone. Best in the country. (And who had Rahm nailed? It wasn't the Twitter feed with the duck.)

* Haugh: In Retrospect, Losing 2016 Olympics To Rio A Big Victory For Chicago.

Some of us had the forethought to understand that, because we did our jobs as journalists instead like giddy fanboys or as adjuncts to City Hall.

* David Haugh Says No Price Is Too High To Pay For The Privilege Of Hosting The NFL Draft.

* Sanderson: Chicago's Return On Investment For Hosting The NFL Draft? Hardly Worth Measuring.

* Learn, dammit!

* Chicago Police Spied On 'No Games Chicago.'

* On Eve Of Olympics, Top Investigator Details Secret Efforts To Undermine Russian Doping Probe.

* About Beachwood Olympic content.




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