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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #112: Trade Bait

Grinding Coach Coffman's Gears! Plus: The Harry Caray Death Cult; Asset Sale; The Sad Sack Sox!; Derrick Rose Still Dim; In The Olympic Swim; and Dennis Green Crowned Their Ass.



* 112.

:36: Cubs Stove.

* Mike Montgomery.

* Fangraphs: Scouting Dan Vogelbach & Co.

* Baseball Prospectus: The Legend of Vogelbach.

* Fowler indeed activated, Almora indeed back to Triple-A.

* Hail Szczur!

* Staving off panic.

* Here come the Cardinals!

* From Jake Young to Cy Hendricks.

* Randall Delgado.

22:26: Ryan Dumpster Fire.

* Jay Pharoah.

* Sager sucks.

* Stone: Cub Fan, Bad Man?

* The Harry Caray Death Cult.

34:40: Asset Sale.

* Franchise fail.

* Tank Time.

* Free Rick Hahn.

* DH: Jose Abreu.

* The sad sack Sox!

* Jerry Reinsdorf's cold, cold heart.

* Free Robin Ventura.

55:00 Derrick Rose Still Dim.

56:55: In The Olympic Swim.

* Katie Ledecky.

* Simone Biles:

* Gabby Douglas.

1:05:55: Dennis Green Crowned Their Ass.




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