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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #111: All-Star Weak

Starring Jake the Snake. Plus: Breaking: Cubs Not Only Team With Great Players!; The Plan! The Plan!; White Sox (Sort Of) Winning; and Chicago Baseball Is Now Chew-Free.



* 111.

:24: All-Star Weak.

* Haw haw.

* Jake Arrieta Was Too Tired To Pitch, Go To ESPYs To Get His Award.

* Verducci: The Year After Effect.

* Colbert Rubs Cubs.

I dunno, Coach, looks like Arrieta was just playing along!

* That All-Star Game Seemed Like A Lot Of Fun For Mets Fans!

9:40: Breaking: Cubs Not Only Team With Great Players!

* Cubs Flub (Item 3).

* Cameron's NL All-Star team: Kris Bryant, LF; Anthony Rizzo, DH.

20:34: Proposed: A Pension Plan For College Football Players.

22:15: The Plan! The Plan!

* Rhodes: The Fallacy Of How The Cubs Were Built.


* Morrissey: What Rhodes Said.

* Dave Dombrowski Has Been Good At Trading Prospects.

* Let's face it: This season will be a failure if the Cubs don't win the World Series.

* Scott Feldman's ERA (2.56) is now better than Jake Arrieta's (2.68).

* Internal options: Joe Nathan, Brian Matusz.

* Fagerstrom: The Hole In Jason Heyward's Swing Is Glaring.

38:54: White Sox (Sort Of) Winning.

* The Cubs Need Help.

* White Sox Activate Justin Morneau, Promote Carson Fulmer.

* The Cubs don't have to get on a plane for three weeks.

* A single Cubs game costs about as much as Rahm's property tax refund.

55:44: Chicago Baseball Is Now Chew-Free.

* Chris Sale Quit Chewing The Day Tony Gwynn Died.

1:03:02: Blackhawks Sign Mark McNeill!

1:03:09: Bulls Advance To Summer League Quarterfinals!

1:03:17: Chicago Fire Snuffs Out Sporting KC's Five-Match Unbeaten Streak!

1:03:32: Chicago Sky Wasting Elena Delle Donne In Prime Of Her Career!




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