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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #108: Bullsology

The (Relatively) Sad Saga of Derrick Rose. Plus: The Jimmy Butler Trade That Wasn't (Yet); Breakfast In America; The Vincible Cubs; White Sox Are Red Sox Hot!; and The Mundanity Of Modern Mascots.



* 108.

1:11: The (Relatively) Sad Saga Of Derrick Rose.

* Derrick Rose Needed A Lot Of Help Getting Into College.

* NCAA Strips Memphis Of Record And Money Because Derrick Rose Didn't Take His SAT Exam Himself.

* Here Are The Details From The Derrick Rose Rape Lawsuit.

* Evan Moore:

* Michael Jordan Hands Court Settlement To 23 Chicago Nonprofits.

17:08: The Jimmy Butler Trade That Wasn't (Yet).

* Bernstein: "Does Forman really think Butler can't read the same reports the rest of us did?"

22:40: Breakfast In America.

* Where the back room is the front office.

24:27: The Vincible Cubs.

* Growing Pains Catching Up To Cubs In Fourth Consecutive Loss.

32:23 White Sox Are Red Sox Hot!

* Red Sox Beat White Sox 8-7 In 10 Innings, Avert 4-Game Sweep.

* Inside Ozzie Guillen's Baseball Limbo: Can He Manage Again?

* El Tank.

* Justin Ernest George Morneau.

* Marcus Semien.

59:09: The Mundanity Of Modern Mascots.

* Wild Bill Hagy vs. Southpaw.

* Oakland A's Fans And Their Big League Flushers.

* Wild Bill Bonus Video:




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