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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #107: Summer Rituals

Milkshakes at the Tastee Freez to soothe another painful Blackhawks departure. Plus: It's Silver's Series Now; Hollywood Butler Going Minnesota?; The Welcome Willson Wagon; #FreeRickHahn; and KOPA Kabana.



* Mickey Mantle.

1:36: The Freeze.

* The Logan Square Tastee Freez is no longer Tastee.

2:45: It's Silver's Series Now.

* LeBron James Has Redefined 'Hero Ball.'

9:16: The Pittsburgh Penguins Won The Stanley Cup. Noted.

10:54: Summer Ritual: Another Painful Blackhawks Departure.

* Rosenbloom: Teuvo Trade Is The Blackhawks GM Listening To His Coach.

* Really?

* Teuvo stunned.

18:00: Hollywood Butler Going Minnesota?

* Would You Trade Andrew Wiggins For Jimmy Butler?

24:34: The Welcome Willson Wagon.

* Cubs Scouting Yankees Top Relievers.

32:09: #FreeRickHahn

* Deserves a shot with a normal team.

39:56: KOPA Kabana.

* USMNT advances to semi-finals against Messi.

43:33: The Chicago Fire Reportedly Still Exists.

43:44 The Chicago Sky Still Has Work To Do.

43:52: An Unlikely Treat.


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