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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #106: Transaction City

The White Sox are or aren't like the Cubs. Plus: Groupthink is Poopthink!; Warriors Will Win Wonderfully; Sharks On Ice; COPA!; About Alshon; and Sammy & The Donald Sittin' In A Tree.



* No. 6!

* No. 7!

* No. 16!

* 10-6: Busy Unless Urgent.

* Koyie Hill's career batting average is .207.

1:28: Groupthink Is Poopthink.

* Jordan:

"There might be one person in that crowd who has never seen me play before, and they will probably never see me play again." Jordan wanted everybody who saw him play to experience that "Michael Jordan moment."

17:20: Transaction City!

* Matt Murton slashing .329/.366/.434!

* Athletics Nation: "Coghlan was a win-now player who was playing like garbage on a losing team. He was an absolute zero at the plate, and he was starting to affect games negatively on defense too."

* Screw the Closer.

* "Potvin was known for being intelligent, articulate, and outspoken off the ice. Throughout the 1970s, his Islander teammates often were turned off as these traits made Potvin come across as arrogant."

46:21: Warriors Will Win Wonderfully.

* Trayce Thompson!

59:38: Sharks On Ice.

1:00:47: COPA!

1:01:49: The Chicago Fire May Have Done Something This Week.

1:02:12: About Alshon.

1:03:39: Sky Clearing.

1:03:45: Sammy Sosa & Donald Trump (& Hillary Clinton): A History.




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