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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #105: Quantum Baseball

Higgs to Boson to Chance. Plus: The Cubs Are The Best Baseball Team On Earth; Fat Albers; The State Of The Standings; The Pride Of Peoria Could Be The NBA Finals MVP; ICYMI, The Stanley Cup Finals Are Happening Right Now; Elena Delle Donne's Silent Supremacy; and The Chicago Fire Did Not Do Anything This Week.



* Hank Aaron wore No. 5.

* Cubs No. 5s include: Welington Castillo, Nomar Garciaparra, Reed Johnson, Josh Vitters, Sam Fuld, Jake Fox, Ronnie Cedeno, Michael Barrett, Tony Womack and Joey Amalfitano.

* Glenn Beckert wore No. 18.

* Ron Santo, indeed, wore No. 10.

1:30: The Cubs Are The Best Baseball Team On Earth.

* Marty "Cub Factor" Gangler: Deep-Simmering Rage Or Suburban Numbness?

* The Entire Chicago Cubs Infield Is Leading In All-Star Game Voting.

* Entire rotation should go, too.

* Dan O'Shea's Fantasy Fix: Valuing The Pure Hitter.

14:30: Fat Albers.

* Save The Intentional Walk!

* Robin Ventura is sabotaging the White Sox offense.

* Rick Hahn:

"Look, the game management realm is 100 percent the manager's purview, and I'm not going to stand here and second guess any decisions he's making. Obviously we all have the benefit of hindsight right now in evaluating a decision. Our conversations in private are about the conversations that lead up to the decision or the thought process that leads up to the decision. And from my standpoint, it's important to make sure that process is sound and that he and our coaches all have the right information when they're making a strategic in-game decision, and I'm very pleased with where they are from an information standpoint and from a process standpoint. But it's not my place, certainly publicly, to second guess in-game managerial decisions."

But it is your job. It's exactly your job. Maybe not publicly, but it's your job. Do it.

24:04: The State Of The Standings.

* AL: The Red Sox, The Rangers & The Royals.

* White People Have To Get It Together.

* NL: We Still Hate Dusty Baker.

* Quantum baseball.

52:10: The Pride Of Peoria: NBA Finals MVP?

* The Pride of Springfield ain't bad, either.

57:52: ICYMI: The Stanley Cup Finals Are Happening Right Now.

* The Penguins Are Sort Of Like The Blackhawks.

* "[Penguins general manager Jim] Rutherford somehow acquired Trevor Daley, one of the NHL's best skaters, from the Blackhawks in exchange for Rob Scuderi, a toppled traffic cone on a snowy road."

* Probably The Least Charming Penguin On Earth.

1:00:16: Sky Clips Wings.

* Rolling Stone: Elena Delle Donne's Silent Supremacy.

* Chicago: The New Superstar In Town.

1:02:00: The Chicago Fire Did Not Do Anything This Week.




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