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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #104: Triggering Chicago's Panic Meter

Warranted on the other side of town. Plus: Save The Intentional Walk!; Bulls In Quicksand; Golden Slumbers; Blackhawks Sign A Bunch Of Guys We Don't Care About; Bad Man Still Owns Chicago Fire; Chicago Sky Falling Already; Illinois Finally Tops Baylor; and The NFL Is Its Own Organized Crime Family.



* KISS-FM 103-5: Chicago's #1 Hit Music Station.

1:20: The Panic Meter.

* The Overreaction.

* The Overreaction to the Overreaction.

* David Haugh out of his element.

* The Cubs have more elements than the periodic table.

* We thank Neil Ramirez for his service.

* "If I can get our guys to understand one game at a time, I'll be very happy." - Joe Maddon, from Haugh's column.

13:27: Where Panic Is Warranted.

* In any game managed by Robin Ventura.

* Coffman's Concern Meter.

* Mark Buehrle Watch.

26:10: Save The Intentional Walk!

* One of the game's great dramas!

* Joe Maddon: "When it comes down to the game itself, I'm not so pent up on moments like that, however many seconds that takes to get that done."

* Fangraphs: On The Shrinking Strike Zone And Lengthening Games.

* Unsettling Perfection In A League Of Robot Umpires.

* Replays vs. Rhubarbs. (It was our very own Roger Wallenstein who wrote the column I was thinking about, not Coffman.)

* How Instant Replays Change Professional Tennis.

38:24: Bulls In Quicksand.

* There is no there there.

* Cowley: Joakim Noah Has Told Teammates He's Done With The Bulls.

* Friedell: Source Says Joakim Noah-Bulls Talks Continue As Report Says He's Ready To Exit. Cites a "league source," which sounds like Bulls management to me, though I suppose Noah's agent could be called a "league source" in a stretch.

* Johnson: Trading Derrick Rose Or Jimmy Butler Should Be Bulls' Offseason Priority.

* I mis-inferred. Carmelo Anthony chose the money and New York instead of, purportedly to parochial Bulls pundits, a chance to win and Chicago.

* Sam Hinkie's departure letter.

* The Fallacy Of How The Cubs Were Built.

52:21: Golden Slumbers.

* Golden Thunder.

* Cavs, Raptors.

55:18: Sharks vs. Penguins.

* State of Play in the Bay.

58:00: Illinois > Baylor.

1:01:40: Blackhawks Sign A Bunch Of Guys We Don't Care About.

1:01:46: Chicago Fire Still Owned By Bad Man.

1:02:01 Chicago Sky Already Falling.

1:02:18 NFL Tried To Fix Concussion Study.




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