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The Beachwood Radio Hour #199: Panic! At Wrigley Field

What Up With Youth? Plus: Spammy Sosa; White Sox Stuff; Bears Breakdown; Schweinsteiger!; Chicago's Pearl; and Meet The Chicago Wildfire.



* 199.

* Pie-Eyed And Blue.

* Coffman: "It's so funny about fruit."

* Colonoscopy.

6:40: What Up With Youth?

* What Up With Youth.

* Where's Tommy?!

* Concave vs. Convex.

* Yu Darvish. Sucks?

33:40: Spammy Sosa.

* Don't be fooled.

* I'm Sammy.

* Vitiligo?

* Sosa, Braun, A-Rod.

* Rhodes: Actions should have consequences!

* Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

47:30: White Sox Stuff.

* Trayce Thompson walk-off.

* Did Yolmer Sanchez Just Change The Gatorade Game?

54:47: Bears Breakdown.

* Campbell: Matt Nagy And Ryan Pace's First Draft Together Continues Bears' Momentum. LOL.

1:06:00: Schweinsteiger!

1:06:06: Meet Pearl Gonzalez: From The Mean Streets Of Chicago To The MMA Cage.

1:09:59: Meet The Chicago Wildfire: Cool!




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