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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #110: The Bulls' Glorious Pending Disaster

Stealing the summer headlines. Plus: Defending Kevin Durant; There Are No Mediocre Players In The NBA; Jordin Tootoo Is Not An Eskimo; The White Sox Are Winning Series'; The Cubs Turned Into A .500 Team Months Ago And Everybody Missed It.



* 110: Dick Ellsworth's all-time career losses as a Cub.

1:03: Bulls Steal The Show.

* Coffman: "Every minute Rondo plays in a Bulls jersey will be embarrassing."

* Rajon Rondo's Command Performance:



* It's gonna be a disaster.

* Rajon Rondo on Robin Lopez.

* Denzel "Bobby" Valentine.

19:06: Defending Kevin Durant.

* Michael Wilbon:


* Stephen A. Smith:


* Kevin Durant Might Hate First Take More Than Anyone.

28:58: There Are No Mediocre Players In The NBA (Or, The First-World Problems Of Leagues That Run Socialist Economies).

* Should MLB Have A Salary Floor?

40:55: Jordin Tootoo Is Not An Eskimo.

* "Of Inuit and Ukrainian descent, he is both the first Inuk player and the first player to grow up in Nunavut to participate in an NHL game. Tootoo is widely regarded as one of the NHL's best active agitators, and is able to annoy, fight, and distract other players to help his team win."

45:02: The White Sox Are Winning Series'.

* Wallenstein: Dead And Alive: Schrodinger's Baseball Team.

51:11: The Cubs Turned Into A .500 Team Months Ago And Everyone Missed It.




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