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The Beachwood Radio Hour #102: Bring On The Red Line Series

Can this be real? Plus: Arrieta Already On Way Out; The Trials of George Sun; Gonzo Hawk Harrelson, Doctor of Journalism; and Biggs Time.



* Doug Flutie.

1:38: Can This Be Real?

* "With Wednesday's doubleheader sweep at the hands of the Padres, six of the Cubs' seven losses this season have been to teams that are now under .500, ESPN Stats & Info points out."

* "1984 Detroit Tigers, can stumble. After starting 35-5, the Tigers' division lead dwindled to three and a half games by early June."

* 1984 Tigers season.

* The McDonald's Padres.

* George Sun.

* Theo: 'This Is Where Soler Belongs.'

* Arrieta Already On Way Out.

* Jesse Rogers, ESPN Chicago:

The front office and manager Joe Maddon both agree that drafting or acquiring guys that were good at getting on was the way to go instead of trying to change players who weren't inclined to take walks. They've said as much many times throughout the years. It's not really a teachable thing.

Free agency wasn't much of an option at the time, so drafting and trading for on-base guys was the way to go. Kris Bryant fit the description for a power hitter, as did Kyle Schwarber, but so did little-known infielder Tommy La Stella. He's a great example of the Cubs "putting their money where their mouth was."

* The Fallacy Of How The Cubs Were Built.

38:25: Local Amateur Team Also Having Good Season.

* Hawk Harrelson Dashes Out Of Booth During The Broadcast To Check On Todd Frazier's Minor Injury; Internet's Head Explodes.

* 'Appears To Be OK,' Hawk Reports.

* Dr. Ken:


* Hawk dead-ender:




* Hahn: Ventura Extension Can Wait.

* White Sox One Of Three Teams Interested In Lincecum In Light Of Latos Red Flags.


1:06:55: Biggs Time.




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