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Surveying Chicago Sports

The Sun-Times is running a Chicago Sports Fan Survey, so I thought I'd make my choices known here.

1. Who is your favorite Chicago athlete?
A) Derrick Rose
B) Carlos Zambrano
C) Mark Buehrle
D) Brian Urlacher
E) Patrick Kane
F) Other

My Choice: Mike Fontenot. The M-Dog. Mighty Mike. Mini-Mike. Ryan Theriot is a close second.


2. Which team will be next to win a championship?
A) Bears
B) Bulls
C) Blackhawks
D) Cubs
E) White Sox

My Choice: The Windy City Rollers.


3. Which Chicago-area college team is your favorite?
A) DePaul
B) Illinois
C) Loyola
E) Northwestern
F) Notre Dame

My Choice: The Robert Morris College hockey team.


4. Who is the best Chicago newcomer?
A) Derrick Rose
B) Kris Versteeg
C) Milton Bradley
D) Matt Forte
E) Carlos Quentin

My Choice: Jeff Samardzija


5. Rank your favorite teams.

My Choice: No.


6. What is your favorite sports-radio station?

My Choice: There's really no need to choose, we need both.


7. What is your favorite local sports-radio show?

My Choice: This survey is starting to bore me. You couldn't come up with better questions than this?


8. Who is the city's best play-by-play voice?

My Choice: Pat Hughes if he could be paired with Steve Stone.


9. Who is the city's best color analyst?

My Choice: Darrin Jackson or Steve Stone, hmmm . . .


10. What is your favorite Chicago sports website?

My Choice: Oh, wait, they didn't ask anything about websites and blogs.


I will not be answering stupid team questions like what the Bears' greatest need is or if I approve of the job Lou Piniella is doing.

Questions Not Asked
* Best sports blogger
* Best Chicago sports website
* Best Chicago columnist
* Do you ever watch sportscasters on local TV news shows?
* How smart is Jim Litke?
* Has Wrigley Field already been irretrievably ruined?
* Is Kenny Williams smarter than he thinks he is or too smart for his own good?
* Most likely to serve a suspension this season: Zambrano or Bradley?


Send us your answers - or your questions. Please include a real name if you wish to be considered for publication.

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