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Super Bowl Housecleaning

* The coin on the toss hit a Giants player on the foot. Is that legal?

* Kelly Clarkson wore a little black dress and did not bare her midriff. But in doing the due diligence I should have done before placing that prop bet, I learned she doesn't really have the tummy for it. Her rendition of the anthem was less than two seconds past the over. I had the under. And did we need all that twang on "God Bless America?" How about giving the great Glen Campbell a chance at it?

* When Victor Cruz scored the first touchdown, I was already profitable for the day.

* The Super Bowl was a lousy game. More an award for the least worst team. But don't blame the Giants for exploiting it.

* Aaron Hernandez's drop on second down was at least as bad as Welker's non-catch. And why did Welker get all the heat when Brady's throw was heinous?

* I now know why I never watch Sunday night football on NBC. Al Michaels was half asleep and Collinsworth is a smarmy buffoon. But that's not news.

* Contrary to popular opinion, you always take the points. Cats stalk, dogs fetch, and football players march to the goal line. And football players on defense try to tackle them.

* One of the props was whether Madonna would use a headset microphone or a handheld. She used both.

* At 9-4, Eli Manning as the MVP of the game was a profitable no-brainer.

* The dreamer in me thought for a moment that Jason Pierre-Paul might have been on his way to the MVP award. Then New England adjusted.

* Here's a new game I just invented: Where's Wilfork?

* A great pass rush is a very good thing. But the other guys fearing you have a great pass rush is just as good.

* Considering the time Brady had to throw on many plays, he really stunk. Or was it the Giants' DBs who shined?

* Perhaps the Giants' MVP should have been Bill Belichick. What a malaise he had going on there. Could he be on the way to Marv Levy-land?

* Did you know Dan Reeves was the first coach to lose four Super Bowls? I remember when he played. Good player.

* Great to see all the warm and fuzzy New York Football Giants make their salary demands before they even had the confetti swept up from Broadway.

* Ever been to a New York ticker tape parade? Pretty cool.

* Do not deny that Tom Brady is prettier than Giselle Bundchen. She'll kick your ass. Brady? Not so much.

* I had the under (3.5) on how many times they would show Peyton Manning during the game. He was hiding somewhere, not wanting to steal any spotlight from Eli's special day. Pretty classy.

* Halfway through the game, I remembered that I was supposed to pay attention to the commercials. And it's kind of telling that Betty White was one of the few to deliver.

* I thought Madonna did a great job. Greater: How quickly they assembled and disassembled that stage.

* Clint Eastwood's message was good, but I'd rather see him hold a .44 Magnum to a few foreheads in Washington and dare them to get their heads out of their asses.

* Why don't the Rush Limbaughs and Karl "With a K" Roves of this world understand how great America is when it allows people like them to exist?

* I did, but did you get the feeling that despite the score at the half, the Patriots were in no way going to win the game? It hit home when I saw Brady sitting on the bench during a long New York possession. He really didn't look into it.

* Did you hear the one where Belichick told his defense to make Manningham beat them?

* Why did Barney throw a tomato at Otis Campbell? Why don't the Bears have even one receiver?

* I was thinking that if the Packers had not coasted down the stretch, they would have won that game by two touchdowns and a field goal. FYI, they're still going to be in the not-even-close Bears' division next season.

* Let Mark Potash dream and the youngster Sean Jensen continue to kiss butt all you want. They're playing right into the hands of wiseguys like me. I wub doze Bearsss.

* Don't you love the low-key way Eli Manning seemed so satisfied with the win? What a pro. Comes with expecting to win instead of hoping to just make the playoffs.

* I wonder how many of the Bears even watched the Super Bowl and how many of them were stewing about not being there.

* They must be coached that way, but the Patriots kicked and clawed even after the plays were over. It paid off against Baltimore. But the Giants kept their composure.

* Three-coach monty: Bill Belichick, Lovie Smith or Tom Coughlin. Remember: never go for the middle one.

* I'm already down on Philly (12-1), Green Bay (6-1, favorite), Detroit (18-1), Houston (12-1) and San Francisco (16-1) to win it all next year. Bears are 25-1, but I wouldn't take them at any price lower than 250-1.

* Listen up, Goodell. Without being able to "play" the Super Bowl, I wouldn't have even watched it.

* Hawthorne's spring meet opens next Friday.


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