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SportsMonday: Bearsmentum

Now that was a victory!

After eeking out three wins against crappy teams this season by less than a cumulative touchdown to go with their four predictable losses, the Bears finally looked like a professional football team Sunday in stomping all over a mediocre St. Louis Rams team having a very bad day.

And while the sad performance of said opponent would usually call for tempering any enthusiasm about a Bears victory, this time they did what a good team does and stepped on the Rams' neck. Bravo.

The big plays were huge YACs - yards after the catch.

Zach Miller caught a 2-yard pass and ran 85 yards more for a touchdown, and Jeremy Langford caught a pass behind the line of scrimmage and, well, ran about 85 yards for a touchdown. That was literally all the Bears needed, given that they only gave up 13 points to Todd Gurley and Co.

Of course, Gurley's relative absence from the Rams' offensive game plan was the day's biggest mystery.

Yay, the Bears held Gurley to 12 carries! With double the carries, Gurley gets 100 yards and keeps the game close. So more credit there to the Rams' boneheadedness than to the Bears' run defense.

The Bears also had a good thing going with Rams quarterback Nick Foles:

And just to splash a little more cold water on Bearsmentum before returning to the positive side of the slate, consider:

To that last tweet, 7-9 now seems doable. I'm not yet prepared to say .500 is in reach, though given that the next two opponents, Denver and Green Bay, suddenly appear vulnerable, well, who knows.

I will caution that the Bears would probably rather see Peyton Manning at QB this week than backup Brock Osweiler at this point, but Osweiler it almost certainly will be.

And the Packers the following week will be coming off a game in Minnesota which will mark either their fourth consecutive loss or their bounce-back into first-place; either way, they'll be hungry for Bear.

But the main point is that for the first time this season, the Bears looked like a real professional football team. Now we find out if Brock Osweiler is a real professional quarterback.

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Kyle Long, everybody.


This was in the first quarter with the Rams up 10-7.



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