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Speaking of Notre Dame . . .

By David Rutter

1. Creepy Caskets

Even for those of us lured into the murky, pained catacombs of Notre Dame football fandom, this is really spooky.

The monks at the Trappist New Melleray Abbey in Peosta, Iowa, hand-carve caskets just for Notre Damers. For $2,560, you can get a hand-made oak ship set sail down the river Styx, and it you have left this world with a larger-than-normal butt, they have an oversized model for $2,800. I may need the XXXL model.

The monks don't specify in the advertisements if there was a large run for Notre Dame caskets during the 2007 football season, but it wasn't as if some of us weren't thinking about checking out early.

Who can tell the market for handmade caskets for football fans? The monks seem prepared. They say there's a 1 to 2 business day delivery window. If you order right now, it can be on your doorstep before you even die. If you haven't died yet, you can pre-order with MasterCard.

They say the caskets are for "Notre Dame alumni and their families," which implies that those of us a few hundred SAT points and $200,000 shy of getting in to Notre Dame should just keep our money.

These monks also specialize in infant and toddler caskets. Creep-ee.

2. Real Men of Genius


3. The Real Rudy


One in a series of random observations about Notre Dame. Comments are welcome.

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