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Clemente's Awesome Archers

"It might be surprising that Clemente, an urban school in Chicago's West Town neighborhood, has an archery team," Barbara Brotman wrote for the Tribune in March.

"On top of that, it has the third-ranked team in the state."

That's out of 143 Illinois schools that participate in the National Archery in the Schools Program. Seventeen of those are Chicago schools.

Clemente traveled to Louisville last weekend for nationals - the only Chicago team to do so. (Ten other teams from Illinois also went; just three of those were in the high school division, while the rest were elementary or middle schools)

The team hoped for a top 30 finish; they wound up 58th (of 164). That might have been a disappointment - they finished 56th last year - but it was the second-best showing among Illinois teams in the high school division. (The others: Schlarman Academy of Danville, 28th; Armstrong-Potomac, 92nd; Georgetown-Ridge Farm, 142nd.)

(Jefferson Middle School of Springfield had the most success in the younger divisions; they sent two teams to nationals and one finished 15th out of 197. The other finished 162nd.)

From Clemente's Facebook page:

We had a great nationals trip!! We scored our highest score ever 3273! We placed 2nd in Illinois teams! We placed 58 out of 164 which placed us in the top 35% in the nation It was a 3-way tie with our score and was decided by bulls eyes!!

Here is how our top archers scored out:

Margarita Colon top 9% in the nation out of 1466 high school girls
Ashley Roman top 11%
Natalie Vazquez top 17%
Maria Estrada top 32%
Shantel Lane top 32%

Michael Padilla top 17% in the nation out of 1684 high school boys
Itzocatl Rodriquez top 17%
Edward Delgado top 33%
David Garcia top 35%

This was an outstanding tournament for us and we also qualified for world!!!!!!!!

Here's a photoset.


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