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Olympic Moments

1. It's all about the amplitude, dude.


2. Happy to come out and put it down.


3. No fear, no regrets.


And our intrepid correspondent Scott Buckner checks in:

Lindsey Vonn. Shaun White. Golly gee willikers - who'da thunk it? It's too bad the rest of the world knew the results - courtesy of the Internet - several hours before NBC began its parade of self-importance Wednesday night, showing off its ability to waste many man-hours profiling the athletes and breathlessly announcing the events AS IF THEY WERE HAPPENING RIGHT THEN!!!

I could barely contain myself.

And really, who cared about anything else Olympic yesterday, unless maybe you were doing something else at the time, like crocheting, getting drunk, or making a boatload of paczki?

* * *

Wednesday's Olympic TV coverage - for all us unfortunate schlubs on welfare and free TV - didn't start until 7 p.m., when the day's events were pretty much finished, leaving us with whatever NBC wanted to edit and spoon-feed us with their commercials. (Which didn't stop NBC's Today Show from starting its promotion party 12 hours earlier.)

That was probably a good thing. I can write and edit only so fast given the copious avalanche of material NBC is gifting me with this morning - which in many cases is better than the Olympics itself. Personally, it's my hope that the International Olympic Committee will get sick of this whole business and announce next year that it's getting back to our Olympic roots by taking the whole show back to the few city-states of ancient Greece and limiting all events to mortal combat and chariot racing.

Hopefully they'll still have The Internet then, so we all can find out who did what hours before we have to bother wasting our time watching it on TV. Duh.


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