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Olympian Alleges USA Swimming Of Abuse Cover-Up

"Olympic swimmer Ariana Kukors Smith sued USA Swimming, alleging the sport's national governing body knew her former coach sexually abused her as a minor and covered it up."


Extended remarks.


Her lawyer speaks.


From the New York Times:

"Ariana Kukors Smith, an Olympic swimmer who earlier this year accused her former coach of sexually abusing her as a teenager, filed a lawsuit on Monday against him and USA Swimming, claiming the organization ultimately turned a blind eye to the matter.

"In the lawsuit, Ms. Smith, who competed in the 2012 Games in London, alleged that the coach, Sean Hutchison, began grooming her for a relationship when she was 13-years-old and was molesting her by age 16.

"Ms. Smith, 28, said that USA Swimming, the organization that governs the sport in the United States, was alerted to the relationship in 2010 but did nothing. In February, USA Swimming said that it had conducted an investigation into the rumored relationship in 2010, but that Ms. Kukors and Mr. Hutchison, now 46, both 'unequivocally denied the existence of a romantic or sexual relationship,' and the case was closed.

"On Monday, B. Robert Allard, Ms. Smith's lawyer, called USA Swimming's investigation a 'sham.'

"Ms. Smith said in the lawsuit that USA Swimming officials looked the other way because Mr. Hutchison delivered Olympic-level athletes."


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