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Ode To 2014

The curtain came down,
The Cell now is dark.
Rack up another 89 losses.
You think the Sox missed their mark?

Attendance keeps dipping
For the seventh straight year.
Fewer fans, less revenue,
No free agents I fear.

The problems are many,
The holes need filling.
Start with the bullpen.
Their 4.38 ERA is chilling.

Petricka, Putnam and Webb
It's like kicking the tires.
While Belisario, Lindstrom and Cleto
Simply poured gas on the fires.

Dunn now is history,
Beckham is gone for good reason.
Say good-bye to De Aza.
They're all playing in the post-season.

Saturday was special
As we bid Paulie adieu.
And now Sox fans can look ahead
To the Age of Abreu.

You have to love Eaton
He's a hustler without thunder.
The guy patrols centerfield
And he hit an even .300.

The future is Avi Garcia.
Watching him will be fun.
Can he hit 30 dingers?
Well, his arm is a gun.

Viciedo is puzzling,
He's a hunk and he's sturdy.
But the guy swings at anything.
That's why he hits .230.

Do we now have a catcher?
Is Flowers still suspect?
Has Conor Gillaspie
Now earned our respect?

The questions are many
We need the Chairman to do his part.
One hole could be plugged
If he allows Hahn to sign V-Mart.

We have lefties galore
Chris Sale has earned our esteem.
With any support
Quintana would win at least 15.

Danks now is healthy,
He's learning a lesson.
Keep his change-up down low
And he'll win more than 11.

Noesi, Carroll and Bassitt
Want to be part of the rotation.
Throwing strikes with regularity
Is enough motivation.

Ramirez was solid,
What a season he had.
Finding a regular second baseman,
Could Sanchez be the lad?

Ventura will lead them
That seems so clear.
After all, Sox fans
They won more than last year.

But the Tigers and Royals
Posted so many more wins.
The Sox finished fourth
Thanks to the Twins.

The mistakes, the errors,
Has this team no pride?
Just 73 wins,
The same as the North Side.

The winter will be long,
The days will be short.
But once February arrives,
Pitchers and catchers will report.

The slate will be clean,
Could this be our year?
That's why we're Sox fans
Aside from the beer.

It all will start over,
The long, long campaign.
Wouldn't it be lovely
If it ends with Champagne?



Roger Wallenstein is our man on the Sox. He welcomes your comments.

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