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Meet Wheaton's Golden Glove

"Mike Lee is a 2005 graduate of Benet Academy in Lisle, Illinois where he was all conference linebacker in the Catholic League," according to his Wikipedia entry. "Lee spent his freshman year at the University of Missouri and then transferred to the University of Notre Dame in 2006 and graduated with a 3.8 GPA in 2009 with a degree in finance from Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business. He was offered jobs on Wall Street. Lee says, 'I relax by watching CNBC, and I like to read the Wall Street Journal.'"


Last week on Chicago Tonight:


"He's a kid from the rich suburbs succeeding in a world where it has long been believed the toughest fighters come from the toughest neighborhoods," Neil Hayes wrote for the Sun-Times last September. "That he is white can't be overlooked in a sport that often promotes racial stereotypes. That he has a finance degree from a famous university with a national following makes him a promoter's dream."


How Did Lee Get Subway Gig?.

And here they are:



"John Lee, a former minor league baseball player and owner of an information technology company, is managing his son's career," Dan McGrath reported last fall for the Chicago News Cooperative.


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