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Dalton vs. Andy Dalton

Compare and contrast.

DALTON: The cooler, not the bouncer.

ANDY DALTON: Neither cool nor bouncy.


DALTON: Pain don't hurt.



DALTON: Studied philosophy.

ANDY DALTON: Should be more philosophical about the job he's about to lose to Justin Fields.


DALTON: Lives on a farm.

ANDY DALTON: Plays for a shitty team.


DALTON: Hooks up with Doc.

ANDY DALTON: Will spend a lot of time with team docs.


DALTON: Works at the Double Deuce.

ANDY DALTON: Works for a real douche.


DALTON: Killed a man in Memphis.

ANDY DALTON: Will get killed behind this offensive line.


DALTON: Best friend is Wade Garrett.

ANDY DALTON: Not as good as Wade Wilson.


DALTON: Dates Elizabeth Clay.

ANDY DALTON: Feet of clay.


DALTON: Shops at Red's Auto Parts.

ANDY DALTON: Sucks in the red zone.


DALTON: Killed a man in self-defense.

ANDY DALTON: Killed a WR by inability to read defense.


DALTON: Made an enemy of Brad Wesley.

ANDY DALTON: Not as good as Brad Johnson.


DALTON: Knows Tai Chi.

ANDY DALTON: Not long for Chi Town.


DALTON: Take out the trash.

ANDY DALTON: Is the trash.


DALTON: Has a high tolerance for the fragrance of nature.



DALTON: Is the best in his trade.

ANDY DALTON: Won't fetch much in a trade.


DALTON: Friends with Jeff Healey.

ANDY DALTON: Plays like he's blind.


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