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Inside Michael Jordan's House

"After 20 months of trying to sell his 7.39-acre, 56,000-square-foot home [Michael] Jordan is trying a different tactic," Forbes reports.

"On Nov. 22, Jordan's 'Legend Point' property in Highland Park will be open for bids. The sale is being handled by Concierge Auctions, with a $250,000 deposit is required for any interested party to enter the fray."

Here's what comes with the house:

* One room filled with boxes of "slightly imperfect" Hanes underwear.

* Three rooms full of spite.

* Dennis Rodman's wedding dress.

* Jerry Krause punching bag.

* Mobster he has to play one-on-one every day in lieu of paying gambling debt.

* Pet parrot who only knows the words "The greatest ever."

* Life-size blowup of his Birmingham Barons baseball card.

* Desk where he composes hate letters to Kobe and LeBron.

* One dead hooker.

* Three hampers of game-worn gym socks he requires all visitors to smell.

* Ashley Dupre's phone number.

* Harvey Gantt dartboard.

* Fax machine loaded with message "I'm back" just in case.

* LeRoy Nieman painting of him pushing off against Byron Russell.

* Bigsby and Kruthers locked up in basement dungeon.


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