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If Hawk Harrelson Broadcast The Blackhawks . . .

. . . and you can light the lamp, yesssss!

. . . you have got to be bleeping me, you call that offsides? Andy McElman is killing us!

. . . that'll be two minutes in the sin bin.

. . . you know who was the best at getting the puck off the boards in traffic? Dirk Graham.

. . . and my stick to click tonight is Hossa.

. . . let's put the biscuit in the basket, boys.

. . . puck snort.

. . . wrister double-twister.

. . . there's Q, one of the best in the business, I tell you what.

. . . c'mon, Kaner.

. . . pass it up, knock it over, shoot it in.

. . . get wide, it will!

. . . you know who was the best with the blocker? Cesare Maniago.

. . . hike up your breezers, boys.

. . . Jonathan Toews is the best the two-handed no-look passer. But the best one-handed no-look passer was Bobby Orr.

. . . big hit, creamed corn.

. . . Sit back, relax and lace it up.


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1. From Steve Dahl:

Don't flop now, boys!

2. From Chris Moore:



3. From Brian Slodysko:

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