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Fantasy Fix: Snomanslandocalypse

We interrupt this snowpocalypse to bring you breaking fantasy sports news:

Well, not really. Actually, we're in kind of a no-man's land where fantasy football is over, fantasy baseball isn't quite ready to go and fantasy basketball is in its lazy days before its way-too-late All-Star game and trading deadline.

It would help if there were some interesting trade news brewing in the NBA, but not much has happened in the last week, with Carmelo Anthony no closer to leaving Denver. So, all we can really do is make tweaks here and there, bring in a hot hand in exchange for a cold one.

Here are the some of the hottest hands of the last seven days who could be worth picking up:

Martin Gortat, C, Phoenix: He never did much as Dwight Howard's understudy in Orlando, but he has been in double figures in rebounds his last three games and five of his last seven. Meanwhile, his scoring line in his last three games has been 16, 19 and 25. 47 percent owned in Yahoo!

Ersan Ilyasova, SF/PF, Milwaukee: He's a streaky one, but has been on over the last week, with games of 25, 14 and 15 points. He can also get you a couple steals per game and anywhere from six to eight rebounds. Get him while he's hot. 21 percent owned in Yahoo!

Randy Foye, PG/SG, LA Clippers: I had been holding off on him because he's just been getting minutes starting for Eric Gordon, who is due back from injury any day. However, if you are looking to finish this week with a pure shooter who can get you 20 points in a pinch, Foye could be your man at least until after the weekend. 24 percent owned in Yahoo!

C.J. Miles, SG/SF, Utah: He has become a very reliable sixth man for Utah, so the minutes are there. He had a 20-point game and a 22-point game in the last week, with a horrible seven-point outing in between, but he'll almost always get you a couple three-pointers and a couple steals every time out. 36 percent owned in Yahoo!

Expert Wire
* SB Nation has the latest on the 'Melo rumors, with Houston as a possible destination.

* Bleacher Report suggests a few deals that might make sense before the deadline, which doesn't mean they'll get done.

* RotoWorld says it could be time to pick up Kendrick Perkins. With Shaq in Celtics green and Perkins previously injured, he's been a forgotten man.


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