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Fantasy Fix: Heating Up

There's a common understanding that power hitters will heat up along with the weather; that they will start blasting home runs with greater frequency as the majority of MLB cities migrate out of chilly spring into hot, humid summer.

It has something to do with arm hair having lower density or some such thing - I don't know. You should probably ask Tom Skilling.

Anyway, I've always though the weather gets too much credit for home run production. Sluggers hitting more home runs during June, July and August than in April could have to do with plenty of other things - after a couple months of the season, for example, hitters have their timing locked in, and they are certainly more familiar with pitchers and what they might throw in given situation.

Fans of the Cubs and White Sox had better hope there is something to this hot weather home run business. Our hometown teams have two of the most disappointing sluggers in the league right now in Aramis Ramirez and Adam Dunn. The way they both look right now, I'm not sure even a string of 100-degree days will get them going.

It's a good bet, though, that with the turning of the calendar to June, we'll start seeing more round-trippers, maybe even by some guys who aren't usually among the league leaders. Here are a few candidates:

Aubrey Huff, 1B/OF, San Francisco: Struggled early, but turned it on with a three-homer game recently, and he typically heats up in late summer, so the best is yet to come. Available in 40% of Yahoo! leagues.

Miguel Olivo, C, Seattle: He has seven homers now, but four of them have come in the last two weeks. 78% availability.

Michael Morse, 1B/OF, Washington: Every year there's a guy who swats numerous home runs in spring training and is never heard from again. It looked to be Morse this season, but he has turned it on in the last week and now has nine. 42% availability.

Nick Swisher, OF, NY Yankees: He has been a big disappointment this year, but has hit three homers in the last 10 days and should get plenty of chances at Yankee Stadium, one of the best places for dingers. 38% availability.

Expert Wire
* Yahoo! Roto Arcade says it's call-up season already, as promising Jemile Weeks gets a chance in Oakland.

* Bleacher Report has the rundown on two talented rookie pitchers - Dillon Gee and Josh Collmenter.

* ESPN wonders if Edinson Volquez can get his mojo back. He did beat the Cubs Tuesday night, but results may be inconclusive when dealing with the Cubs.


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