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Fantasy Fix: Fire Sale Freakout

Big-time baseball trades, like the deal that sent Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel to Oakland, have some obvious fantasy implications for the players involved, but they also can radically affect the fantasy value of other players on the real world teams involved in the deals.

Call it the fire sale effect. If a team unloads a couple of its best pitchers, that could mean greater fantasy value for other pitchers ready to move into those vacant spots. In the case of the Samardzija/Hammel deal, that could mean it's time to keep an eye on Dallas Beeler, who is likely to get a long-term look for one of the openings.

On the negative side, if a team has a decent closer, there's a chance the closer's value could good down with the potential for fewer opportunities following a deal like this. Hector Rondon has held marginal fantasy value thus far, but with the Samardzija/Hammel deal, it dwindles.

The same thing can happen when major lineup pieces are moved by failing teams. There has been some speculation the White Sox could trade Adam Dunn, Dayan Viciedo and/or Alexei Ramirez, among others.

With rookie stud Jose Abreu often batting on one side or the other of Dunn and Viciedo, one or both of them being traded could have a negative effect on Abreu's fantasy value, likely diminishing his RBI and run-scoring opportunities. Even if the kid still appears to have 50-HR potential, you might want to consider how opposing pitchers would handle him if a big bat is removed from the lineup before or after his spot.

There is not much you can do as real world teams approach the trading deadline later this month except hold on for the ride, and when a trade happens be prepared to figure out who on your fantasy team is likely to be affected in real life.

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