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Fantasy Fix: Ditching Deadweight (Joakim Noah, Anyone?)

A few weeks into the basketball season is typically when fantasy team owners realize their weaknesses - that is to say, their teams' weak stat categories. Once you have found some deadweight on your team (Joakim Noah, anyone?), it's time to swap it out to build up your weakest area. Here are a few potential pick-ups, each designed to freshen up a different stat category:

Weakness: Three-pointers.

Waiver wire solution: Anthony Morrow, SG/SF, New Jersey. 2.4 threes per game. Available in 44% of Yahoo! leagues.


Weakness: Points

Waiver wire solution: Byron Mullens, C, Charlotte. Who? Exactly. Largely unheralded, Mullens is starting, with a 12.7 PPG that's on the rise. The only center above 12 PPG with more than 40% (47%) availability.


Weakness: Rebounds.

Waiver wire solution: Udonis Haslem, PF/C, Miami. He is still really only a one-stat player, but at 10.2 RPG, this is his stat if you need a boost and can afford to take on a player not averaging double-digit PPG (8.2). Available in 40% of Yahoo! leagues.


Weakness: Assists.

Waiver wire solution: Andre Miller, PG, Denver. Available in more than 30% of Yahoo! leagues, with 5.8 APG, he may not get you much more.


Weakness: Steals.

Waiver wire solution: Iman Shumpert, PG, NY. His 2.3 SPG is fourth in the NBA overall, yet he is still available in 51% of Yahoo! leagues.


Weakness: Blocks.

Waiver wire solution: Samuel Dalembert, C, Houston. He is routinely a single-digit scorer and a second-tier rebounder, but along with his 2.5 BPG, he is averaging a double-double in points and rebounds for the last week.

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