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Exclusive! The Real Reasons Why Len Kasper Left The Cubs For The Sox

Len Kasper is moving from the Cubs' TV booth to the White Sox' radio booth - supposedly because of his all-consuming love of radio.

But the Beachwood Sports Desk has learned otherwise. Our investigation has uncovered the real reasons behind Kasper's move.

* Didn't want to work on Ricketts' bison farm in offseason anymore.

* Could no longer tolerate Jim Deshaies' dislike of Pearl Jam.

* At this stage of life, he's downsizing.

* Couldn't pass up opportunity to work with Tony La Russa.

* Wasn't allowed to wear Jerry Garcia ties on the air.

* Only way to get out of weekly hits with Bernstein.

* Only way to get out of weekly lunches with Crane Kenney.

* Could no longer resist the siren call of Guaranteed Rate Field.

* In recent divorce, wife got the Cubs.

* Sinclair's Marquee Network finally went too far when they ordered him to do play-by-play of Rudy Giuliani's election challenges.

* Time to be pleasantly mediocre on the other side of town.


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