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Easton's Iconic Green Bat Is Back

Easton Diamond Sports, the industry leader in baseball-softball product innovation, is bringing back the most storied baseball bat in the game.

The B5 Pro Big Barrel, also commonly referred to as "The Green Easton," originally debuted in 1978 and quickly gained legendary status with elite high school and college players in record-shattering numbers, propelling Easton to the forefront of bat innovation for over 40 years.

Now, Easton has produced a new breakthrough worthy of the B5 Pro Big Barrel name - a definitive game-changer that has arrived at a pivotal time for this generation's top players.


Bringing back a true classic, Easton announced this month the launch of a reinvented "Green Easton" baseball bat with breakthrough performance, feel and sound - and with a remix of the classic look.

The original B5 Pro became the favorite of many iconic players of the '70s and '80s before they went on to celebrated professional careers - countless MVP's, All-Stars and even Hall-of-Famers.

Superstar Major League Baseball players who chose The Green Easton in their high school and college playing days include: Bo Jackson, Tony Gwynn, Barry Larkin, Mark McGwire, Jeff Kent, Matt Williams, Paul O'Neill, Luis Gonzalez and Tino Martinez, to name a few. Former MLB players-turned-managerial greats like Terry Francona trusted the B5 Pro too.

Even pro football Hall-of-Famer John Elway, a two-sport standout at Stanford, used the original bat throughout college before his illustrious NFL career.

When Easton shared its plans to bring back The Green Easton with a retro look and all-new tech, during a time when not only the innovation warranted it but also with baseball activities finally beginning to return around the world, both current players and baseball's legends alike were thrilled.

"The entire Easton team is deeply proud of this latest achievement and excited to be bringing back one of the most iconic bats in our company's storied history," said Easton President Dan Jelinek.

"Almost 42 years ago, Easton introduced the original B5 Pro Big Barrel bat to the baseball world and it forever changed the game for millions of amateur players. It set the standard for bat innovation then and ever since. Now, the Green Easton is back, and we believe the performance will be as transformative for today's players as it was before."

The new B5 Pro features a ringless barrel with varying wall thicknesses. This premium Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction (ATAC) produces a bigger sweet spot and smoother feel for B5 Pro than any other bat of its kind. Combining its construction with Easton's Speed Cap™, the B5 Pro also provides a more flexible and responsive barrel.

Additionally, the bat's Natural Pro Balance Swing Weight results in a balanced feel for both speed and power. Its Extra-Stiff ATAC Alloy Handle transfers maximum energy into the ball for a more professional feel and performance, while its VRS™ Handle Insert reinforces the handle to reduce vibration and create an even more solid feel. The B5 Pro also has a premium grip, which provides the ultimate combination of cushion and tack.

Not only is the 2021 B5 Pro the best performance, feel and sound that Easton has ever engineered in a 1-piece aluminum BBCOR bat, the bat's design is a modern remix of The Green Easton's classic look.

"Any time Easton brings a new bat innovation to market it needs to offer a big benefit to players, and in order for a bat to be worthy of taking a name that's so revered like B5 Pro Big Barrel the technology and performance need to be epic," said Easton Chief Operating Officer Matt Arndt.

"Not only do we have lightning in a bottle again with the new B5 Pro, but to be able to accomplish this and bring it to market during a time when everyone - all generations - could use some good news is so deeply rewarding on many levels."

In addition to its rigorous development and testing processes, Easton took a grassroots approach to seeding the B5 Pro and demonstrating its performance with the country's top high school and D1 college programs among others.

Beyond its mind-blowing performance, Easton believes the new B5 Pro's design is a statement of renewed hope during these unprecedented times and an expression of love for the game of baseball. The Green Easton is back!

The 2021 B5 Pro Big Barrel -3 BBCOR bat is available for pre-order and will be available for purchase in stores and online starting October 1, 2020. Sizes include: 30"/27 oz., 31"/28 oz., 32"/29 oz., 33"/30 oz., 34"/31 oz.

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Headquartered in Thousand Oaks, CA, Easton Diamond Sports, LLC. manufactures bats, ball gloves, apparel, bags, batting gloves, helmets, catcher's equipment and related accessories.

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