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Dusty Must Get Fired

The two most enduring images of this Cubs season are the pop fly that bounced off the top of Aramis Ramirez' head and Mark Prior doing towel drills. The most enduring sound - besides the early-season boos of Jacque Jones - is Tom Latourette's "Dusty Baker, You Must Get Fired," first heard on the Loop and now brought to you by The Beachwood Reporter.


Audio: Dusty Baker, You Must Get Fired

But first, a few words.

It is altogether fitting and proper that we should present this. We cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate, we can not hallow, the ground of Wrigley Field. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what Cubs fans did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which Cubs fans have so long sought.

They shall not have rooted in vain. We can only hope that the Cubs shall have a new birth of freedom - a future without Andy MacPhail and Jim Hendry and Dusty Baker and, yes, without the Tribune Company. Instead, we work for the advancement of a Cubs franchise of the fans, by the fans, and for the fans; a franchise that shall not perish from the earth without winning a World Series.

Now get the hell out of here, Dusty, and take your stumblebums with you.

Dusty Baker, You Must Get Fired
Lyrics by Tom Latourette

Tinkers, Evers Double Play
Charlie Metro, Hank O'Day
Bresnahan, Vukovich, Good Kid Lou Boudrou
Joe McCarthy, Hornsby, Jimmie Wilson, Lucchesi
Jim Marshall, Fred Mitchell, Amalfitano

Killifer, Stan Hack, Cavarretta, Harry Craft
Hartnett, Kennedy, Zimmer, Altobeli
Essian, Charlie Grimm, Lou Klein, Bruce Kimm
Lacheman, Riggleman, You came here 2003

Dusty Baker, You Must Get Fired,
Join this list of losers, made Chris Speier a boozer
Dusty Baker, You Must Get Fired,
We need to stop our bitchin', start a new tradition

Tappe and Tom Trebelhorn
Durocher before I was born
Gene Michael, George Gibson, Charlie Francis Fox
Rabbit Marranville, Jim Frey, made us ill
Lee Elia screamed Cub fans all suck &%$% . . . AND PRINT IT!

Frankie Frish and Herman Franks, Preston Gomez, you all stank
Robert Sheffing, Don Baylor, Whitey Lockman, Lefevbre
Himsl in '61, Please tell me all this losing's done
From the West, Came the Best, Supposed to be our Saviour

Dusty Baker, You Must Get Fired,
All your toothpick chewing, don t know what you're doing
Dusty Baker, You Must Get Fired,
There is no more trusty, in this dude called Dusty

Juan Pierre can't get on base, Barrett punched Pieryzinski's face
Maddux, Hall of Fame, these Cubs years will cause him shame
Mark Prior, Kerry Wood, In simulated games they're good
Baseballs give them pain, go soft toss a towel again

Derrek Lee, broken wrist, two months on disabled list
Your boy Neifi Perez, fly ball off Ramirez head
Sac Fly, two runs score, Dempster pitching, gives up more
Ron Santo with no legs, could surely play for us instead

Dusty Baker, You Must Get Fired,
There's trash on the field, think your fate is sealed
Dusty Baker, You Must Get Fired,
There is no more trusty, in this Dude called Dusty

First year, gave us hope, put that noose around our throat
Marlins, playoffs, 5 outs left to go
Steve Bartman, in the stands, foul ball went right through his hands
8 runs later, your Cubs complete the choke

In '04 we're looking fine, Cubbies lose seven of nine
October Day, White Sox play, what else do I have to say?

Dusty Baker, You Must Get Fired,
Mets get 2 grand slams, this year is such a sham . . .
Dusty Baker, You Must Get Fired,
You are out of luck, cause these Cubbies suck, they suck, they suck . . .

Dusty Baker, You Must Get Fired,
You are at the end, grab some bench, my friend
Dusty Baker, You Must Get Fired,
If you don't get canned, I'll be a White Sox Fan
Dusty Baker, You Must Get Fired,
The Cubbies may be cursed, but you are the worst . . .
Dusty Baker, You Must Get Fired,
You can't see the plate, you have sealed your fate . . .
Dusty Baker, You Must Get Fired,
There is no more trusty, in this Dude called Dusty . . .

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