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Cubs Fans: Please Stop Believin'

Just a baseball club, known as the Chicago Cubs
They haven't won anything, since 1908
It's like their fate is sealed, playing there in Wrigley Field
Fans pray and wait in vain, since 1908

Please Stop Believin'

Ivy growing on the outfield walls
Fans pee in horse troughs
They've got no stalls
Eamus Catuli
It says there in right
The years go on and on and on and on

Cub fans. drinking
All around the Friendly Confines
Yuppies, stumbling in the night
Bleachers, hot chicks, living for inebriation
Showing, great sets of ta-tas

Lou's kicking dirt all over the place
Zambrano's punching Barrett's face
Hendry paid millions for this year's team
Results will be the same

For a few short days, they're in first
But don't you know, these Cubs are cursed
Wait till next year never ends
It goes on and on and on and on

D-Lee, fighting
Couldn't land his girly punches
Don't give, Ryan Dempster the ball
Right quad, Soriano
Your heartbreak's just around the corner
Santo, still waits for the Hall!

Please stop believin'
And wake up from your dreaming
Lovable losers, they're the Cubs
Please stop believin'
For 100 seasons
It's Gonna Happen, Who You Crappin'
They're the Cubs


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