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Cleveland West

How ironic that we can only now finally say the Kotsay/Jones experiment ever amounted to anything significant, even if its greatest contributions were in its dismantling and abandonment in favor of yet another chance to win the 1996 World Series for the city of Cleveland. From Albert Belle to Kenny Lofton to Bartolo Colon to Jim Thome and now to Manny Ramirez, the South Side is littered with the remains of former Cleveland Indian superstars; here's hoping the new guy can do more for us then he did for them.

Week in Review: Even. Take two of three from the terrible O's, but drop two of three to the goddamned Yankees for a week of .500 ball.

Week in Preview: Earning. Three for the taking at Cleveland followed by three for the money in Boston.

Hawkeroo's Can-O-Corn Watch: "That David Ortiz, now that's a guy who can hit the baseball like something, but that's nothing new for the Red Sox. I remember when I was with Boston, I had a teammate who knew a thing or two about hitting, fella you may have heard of by the name of Carl Yastrzemski. I remember there was a doubleheader we played against the Tigers where Yaz hit for the cycle in the first game and made a pair of terrific plays out there in left field, roughed himself up making one of those dives, and our manager Dick Williams said 'Yaz, we're gonna rest you for the second game today.' And I'll tell you, you might as well have told Carl you were gonna dock his pay or trade him to the Yankees, because I have never seen a ballplayer get that upset at a baseball manager ever the way Yaz did. Because that's how the game was played then, and you see that now to this day, and that just goes to show what a tremendous influence Yaz has had on the game of baseball."

Gordon Beckham Hall of Fame Update: Gordon Beckham career-high stolen bases: seven. Frank Thomas career-high stolen bases: six. Advantage: Beckham.

Alumni News You Can Use: Former White Sox outfielder Sammy Sosa remains hilarious.

The "H" in "DH" Stands For: Hopeful, as the Sox aim to solve a six-month-old problem with a 39-year-old bat.

The Q Factor: If it's a mental game, then they know they've already lost the game the second they lost focus. They see it as a matter of 'paying' attention, but it's not that simple; more a case of 'investing' attention, with dividends paid larger than what anyone could dream of. But let them ignore this; the rewards shall be mine and mine alone to sow.

The Guillen Meter: His team quietly losing ground (and time), the Guillen Meter reads 32 for "What do you mean we have play all of them?"

Endorsement No-Brainer: The White Sox and Dodgers for British Telecom: it's good to talk.

Cubs Snub: Hey, how about that sweep of the Nationals? Only 18.5 out of the Wild Card chase: It's a "W"ay of life.

The White Sox Report: Read 'em all.

The Cub Factor: It's funny because it's true.


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