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Chicago 2016!

Just a reminder:

Unlike Sochi, Chicago didn't even come close to winning its Olympic bid.

But if it had . . .


International Media
You'd see stories like Rahm's Run For The Gold:

"At $500 billion and counting, the 2016 Summer Olympics will be the most expensive Olympic Games ever. Intended to showcase the fundraising prowess of Rahm Emanuel, they may instead highlight Chicago's problems: organized crime, state corruption, and the terrorist threat within its borders."

(Or Richie's Run For The Gold; Daley may have stuck around.)

Late Night
And jokes like these.

* Chicago 2016 vs. Baghdad 2016.

* Chicago's Opening Ceremonies.

* Chicago 2016's Next Move.

Regrets, A Few
* The Olympic Bid That Could Have Been.


But we can still have Yakov Malort.









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