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Carl's Cubs Mailbag: Put My Money On The Chorizo

Is the first name of the Braves third baseman really Chipper?
-Mallory, Archertown NJ

It is not.

He got the nickname during a short stint as the voice of Theodore the Chipmunk in 1990.

Does Vegas accept bets on the Sausage Race at Miller Park?
-Randy, Elgin IL

Probably. I'd put my money on the chorizo. That guy is muy rapido.

As a trivia side note, Put My Money On The Chorizo was the last movie Joey Silvera appeared in before retiring from the adult film industry.

What's up with the Cubs having a nice game against Lincecum?
-Rock, Pahrump NV

I dunno.

What's up with fools gold or desert mirages?

Sometimes crappy stuff just looks good in snippets (like previews for The Godfather: Part III, or Mexico) and good stuff just looks crappy at the end because it was pressing (like The Town or me on my wedding night).

Will you come to see my tribute band, Moving Pitchers? We change the lyrics to Rush songs so that they're all baseball-related.
-Gary, Lee IL

Not all the way out in Lee I won't.

But you should come to see my Rush tribute band Jacob's Bladder. We only play dance marathons in which each contestant is required to do a keg stand every 20 minutes.

You lose if you have to leave the floor take a leak.

Should I be disappointed that the Cubs have come back down to Earth?
-Tony, Billings MT

Frankly, I was becoming suspicious. The Cubs hot streak was akin to a fat girlfriend finally hitting the gym. You had to wonder what suddenly got her motivated.


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