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Bears Media Mesmerized By Shirtless Matt Slauson

Forget the Bears meaningless, mediocre win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday. This tweetstream perhaps best sums up the local fanboy media

What's so "classic" about this? It was 80 degrees. But Bears media was captivated.


It's typical for OLine to wear sleeveless in December & show how tough they are. But, as @AdamHoge just pointed out,...

Posted by Peggy Kusinski NBC Chicago on Sunday, December 27, 2015

Um, it was December in Tampa Bay. High was 85.





It's a classic formulation: Athlete does normal thing, media makes it exceptional. Like when a jock will tell the lamest joke ever and the media finds it so hilarious they publish it. Or an athlete makes the most mundane gesture of humanity and reporters rush to tweet it out with the appellation "Classy." Or a jock is exceptionally heroic for overcoming circumstances that millions of people overcome each day. Throw in fetishizing uniforms, cleats, jock straps, blades of grass, and someone coming over to the bench saying "Good job" becoming the subject of a sideline report, and you realize just how thick the hero worship remains in sports journalism coverage. Life lessons through football that you can't learn anywhere else - not through art, literature, your friends and parents, or any other occupation! And that's how a shirtless football player throwing a ball around in 80-degree weather becomes a pinup.


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1. From Tom Chambers:

Why the hubbub?

Not that there's anything wrong with that, but the Slauson Cutoff doesn't look particularly ripped, cut, slabbed, pumped, blood, buff, chiseled Hulked or Herculean to me.

He looks like a superstar in the 7 a.m. Sunday Morning Lincoln Park League.

Don't look like no Victor Mature to me. Just sayin'

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