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Bear Down, Chicago Media

How the city's media will fill the remaining days until the Super Bowl.

1. Devin Hester's fastest Dan Ryan alternate routes.

2. Breaking Barriers. What it's like for Rex Grossman to be the first Jewish quarterback in the Super Bowl.

3. Janet Davies with Tank Johnson: 50 ways to decorate on house arrest with Ikea Bolingbrook.

4. The Sun-Times wants photos of other Chicagoans named Lovie.

5. Ditka's Garbage: What's In It? Chuck Goudie investigates.

6. Teen Driving and the Bears: A Deadly Mix. A Tribune Special Report.

7. Telex or Motorola headsets for gamers?

8. House arrest, and other secrets to keeping your star athlete husband, on Oprah.

9. Tank Johnson vs. Abrams Tank. Mini-Tank Johnson vs. Abrams Tank.

10. Is Rexy really sexy? Or is it just hype? We ask his girlfriends.

11. Barack Obama was a Chiefs fan growing up. He even wore red.

12. The Sun-Times wants photos of The Biggest Bears Fans In Chicago - literally! Include current weight.

13. Other Chicagoans nicknamed Peanut.

14. Astrologists say there's bad karma in the House of Tank. But Urlacher's moons match up well with Manning's suns.

15. Getting Our Kicks! The Fox news team hits the town with Robbie Gould and Brad Maynard.

16. Forty Years of Super Bowl Weather, a Tom Skilling Special Report.

17. Fox News holds a seance to contact George Halas. Reaches Vince Evans at home instead.

18. North Beach: Metromix Does Miami With Mike North.

19. Best commercials shown during the Bears regular season.

20. The Channel 2 news staff goes on the South Beach diet this week.

21. Are kids too obsessed with the Bears? A Tribune special report. In five chapters.

22. Bears Fans Gone Wild. A Chuck Goudie report.

23. Beartinis and Urlachburgers: Where to Get Your Bears Grub On. A Metromix/WGN-TV report.

24. There's no way the Bears can win this game, by Jay Mariotti. There's no way the Bears can lose this game, by Jay Mariotti.

25. Super Bowl TIF steals money from Miami schools to pad Mayor Daley's slush fund, a Reader investigation shows. The rest of the media shrugs.


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- The Blue & Orange Kool-Aid Report.

- Super Bowl Shuffling.

- Over/Under.

- "Crown Their Ass!"

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