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Beachwood Radio Special Edition: The Unbearable White Maleness Of Sports Media

Progress has been grudging - and it shows.



* Evan F. Moore.

2:00: Patrick Kane vs. Derrick Rose.

* The Perception Of The Black Athlete.

* The Misconception Of NBA Players And Free Agency.

* Patrick Kane Is Not Your Friend.

* Scared White People Are Running Out Of Reasons To Hate Cam Newton.

7:30: Even This Report On (The Lack Of) Diversity In Sports Media Got Short Shrift.

The number of jobs held by women and members of minority groups in sports departments at newspapers and websites remains low, according to a study by the University of Central Florida's Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports.

The report once again gave the more than 100 outlets that belong to the Associated Press Sports Editors group a C-plus grade for the racial diversity of their hiring and their fourth straight failing grade for gender diversity.

Last year, 91.5 percent of sports editors, 90.2 percent of assistant sports editors, 83.5 percent of columnists, 85 percent of reporters and 83.3 percent of copy editors or designers were white. Also, 90.1 percent of sports editors were men.

* Employers Hire Potential Drinking Buddies Ahead Of Top Candidates

* National Association of Black Journalists.

* The American Society of Newspaper Editors' annual census.

* Newsroom Diversity: Why We Should Care.

* Marginalized Groups Use Internet To Broaden Networks.

* BuzzFeed's New Diversity Numbers Show Digital Media Giant Has Caught Up With The Washington Post.

13:38: Sports Media's Biggest Impasse.

"When I started at WGN . . . there were three women, and we were all update anchors," [Score update anchor Julie] DiCaro said. "They had guys coming in who hadn't been in the industry six months, right out of college, and they were getting hosting positions. But we went to update anchors."

* DiCaro: My Astoundingly Typical Rape.

* I Went To The Hospital For A Rape Kit, And It Was a 7-Hour Ordeal That Left Me Feeling Completely Alone.

* Why I Hate Reporting On Investigations.

* Michelle Beadle Has Perfect Reaction To Dan Bernstein's Gross Comments About A Female Colleague.

26:40: Your White Guy Code Word Power Rankings.



* See the item The Insidiousness Of Racism.

* See also: The [Race] Papers.

* The Big Book Of Black Quarterbacks.

* Dan Bernstein Can Breathe. (So Can John Kass.)

* Matt Slauson Overcame Stuttering.

41:17: Numbers: Leagues, Media, Fans, Cities.

* Media Makeup Just Factually Does Not Reflect The City's Demographics. In Fact, It's Not Even Close.

* Where Are All The Black NBA Coaches?

* Also: College Hoops' Black Coaching Issue.

* African-American Fans Have The Highest Growth Rate Among NHL Fans.

* Almost All Baseball Announcers Are White Dudes. Why?

* Boo-Ya: How Stuart Scott Taught ESPN That Black Culture Matters.

* The Leading Driver Of Diversity In Sports Journalism? It's ESPN.

* Thirst trap.

49:52: Black Grantland.

* Kevin Merida Will Join ESPN To Run The Undefeated.

* Greg Howard vs. Jason Whitlock.

* The Shadow League was backed by ESPN.

56:09: Re-Education Camps For White Men!

* Kristen McQueary & Eric Zorn.

1:04:16: Upcoming from Evan F. Moore: Victim Shaming And Hero Worship.


Some places you can find Evan F. Moore:

* @evanFmoore.

* The Shadow League.

* LinkedIn.


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