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Avoiding Relegation

Just because the Cubs took three of four from the Fish doesn't mean they are somehow "back on track."

It just means Miami would be in line for the demotion to AAA this week if the majors had such a thing. It's nothing to be proud of.

Has Kevin Gregg "stabilized" the bullpen? My god, no.

Is Anthony Rizzo "emerging?" Sure - he'll be hitting .281 in no time!

Did the Cubs answer a "wake-up call?" Please.

Are the Cubs happy to have Darwin Barney back? Yes, but enjoy him while you can.

Don't forget: You're not supposed to even care for a few more years.

Week in Review: The Cubs lost two of three to the Reds before taking three of four from the Fish to go 5-4 for the week. Enjoy it now because it might not happen again until 2016.

Week in Preview: The Padres come in for four and the Reds come in for three. Yippee.

The Second Basemen Report: Darwin Barney is back and flashing more leather than Freddie Mercury at the Manhole.

The Not-So-Hot Corner Cody Ransom got three starts to Luis Valbuena's four - Valbuena also got a start at second - and went 3-for-9 with an RBI and a walk. If the Cubs were smart, they would trade Ransom now while his value is at the highest it will ever be for the rest of his career.

Prospect Joshua Warren Vitters is still "on track" to open his season at Des Moines any month now.

The Guns of Navarro: Dioner hit his third home run in 30 ABs this week - his first hit as a starter.

Dale Fail: Daytona manager Dave Keller benched star prospect Jorge Soler for not hustling this week, while Sveum kept writing Soriano and Castro into the lineup.

Deserted Cubs: Tony Campana stole second, third and home for Reno this week. He is missed.


Ameritrade Stock Pick of the Week: Shares of Fish may have slumped this week but history tells us they are still a better long-term investment than Cubs.

Sveum's Shadow: 6 p.m. Dale Sveum's Shadow returns to Chicago in the 7:30 p.m. position, a 30-minute gain from its darkest days. Dale Sveum's Shadow is easy to fool.

Shark Tank: Jeff Samardzija is 1-4 with a 3.03 ERA and learning what it means to be a Cub.

Jumbotron Preview: Six thousand square feet of 15-year veteran Alfonso Soriano neglecting to throw to the cutoff man - again.

Kubs Kalender: Wait 'til next year 2016.

Over/Under: Games until Sveum admits Kevin Gregg is his closer: 1.5, depending on when Kyuji Fujikawa returns.

Beachwood Sabermetrics: A complex algorithm performed by The Cub Factor staff using all historical data made available by Major League Baseball has determined that the Marlins have replaced the Astros as the only team the Cubs can beat.

The Cub Factor: Unlike Alfonso Soriano, you can catch 'em all!

The White Sox Report: Know the enemy.


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