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A Bears Top Ten Review


1. Rex Grossman disappointed fans most of the year, leaving them with an uneasy feeling about the Bears playoff prospects.

2. Rex Grossman disappointed fans by playing pretty well in the playoffs, leaving them with an uneasy feeling about the Super Bowl.

3. Chicks dig Urlacher. Except for that one.

4. The best offense is a Devin Hester punt return.

5. Few teams erase a 18 point deficit against the Patriots. Anybody can come back from 18 points down against the Cardinals.

6. Though the McCaskeys could hardly be happier, wait til they get Lovie's bill.

7. The Bears have now provided a whole new thread of false hope for Cubs fans.

8. As a leader, if you say the same words over and over, people start to believe it, whether it be "Rex is our quarterback" or "Iraq is part of the war on terrorism."

9. Guns, children, pot and pit bulls do not mix. Unless you need a pass rush.

10. Sure, but the Bears didn't play Florida.

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