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100 People Who Would Be A Better Choice Than Tony La Russa To Manage The White Sox

1. Me.

2. Tamale Guy.

3. The real Chairman of the Board.

4. Dead Bob Rohrman.

5. That dude and his dad.

6. to 56. Every member of the Chicago City Council, including those currently under indictment and/or wearing a wire. We could call it the College of City Council Coaches.

57. Peter Francis Geraci.

58. Mr. Met.

59. That chick who was the Italian Sausage.

60. 42-year-old Tony La Russa.

61. Don Cooper.

62. Mr. Cooper.

63. Cecil Cooper.

64. Sarah Cooper.

65. D.B. Cooper

66. A pooper scooper.

67. Steve Albini.

68. Pete Rose.

69. Pete Buttigieg.

70. Joey "the Clown" Lombardo.

71. Chance the Snapper.

72. My mom.

73. to 78. The Jackson 5, dead and alive.

78. to 85. Larry King's ex-wives.

86. Cody Parkey.

87. Tommy La Stella.

88. Robert La Follette.

89. Fiorello La Guardia.

90. Man of La Mancha.

91. to 92. Andrea and Averie.

93. The manager of the Whooping Scalpers.

94. Merv Griffin.

95. Ken Griffin.

96. Ken Howard.

97. Jerome Horwitz.

98. to 100. Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!


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