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Trailer: Swing District

The 2018 midterms are likely to be the most closely watched congressional elections in U.S. history! Swing District will follow one of the most competitive House races in the country, Arizona's 1st, while also exploring the reasons why Congress has become increasingly unpopular with American voters. Watch!

Synopsis: American confidence in Congress sits at an embarrassing low. Capitol Hill has been hyper-polarized and gridlocked for far too long. There are plenty of good people whom we elect to serve in our government, so why are they unable to do more good for the country? What are the true defects in the system?

In 2018, the documentary film Swing District will follow 71-year-old freshman congressman Tom O'Halleran in his capacities as a moderate Democratic legislator in Washington, D.C., and as a candidate seeking re-election in his Arizona swing district.

Once voters have selected a Republican nominee in the primary, the film will cover both campaigns as they square off in the general election. We will also hear from Republicans and Democrats in the House who serve with Tom.

In addition to the structural and political challenges that Swing District will portray, the audience will also get an insight into the personal sacrifice that is required to run, win and serve as a member of the U.S. Congress.


From Wikipedia:

"O'Halleran served with the Chicago Police Department from 1966 to 1979. He then became a member of the Chicago Board of Trade, operating his own futures trading business.

"O'Halleran formerly served as a Republican in the Arizona State Legislature. He represented the 1st District in the Senate from 2007 to 2009, but was unseated by primary challenger Steve Pierce during the 2008 election cycle. Prior to that, he served in the Arizona House of Representatives from 2001 through 2006.

"In 2014 he resigned from the Republican Party, citing the party's policies on education, water and child welfare as reasons for his departure. He then stood for election in the 6th District as an independent, losing by 3 percent."

On November 8, 2016, O'Halleran won a seat in Congress, defeating his Republican opponent with 51 percent of the vote.


Michael Golden is the author of Unlock Congress. Beachwood editor and publisher Steve Rhodes was an editor of the book. Golden is now seeking funding to complete Swing District. If you're interested, contact him through Steve.


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Comments welcome.


Posted on December 15, 2017

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