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They Tried To Buy The Primaries

Data for top primary campaign contributors (contributions and loans) from January 1, 2009 to January 2, 2010 supplied by the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform. Comments by me.


1. Mary McKenna, $2,732,000.
It must be nice to be a kept man, Andy.

2. SEIU HealthCare IL In PAC/SEIU IL Council, $2,066,000.
They give to Republicans too.

3. Scott Lee Cohen, $1,788,666.
But you couldn't buy a responsible press.

4. RP Lumber, Inc., Plummer General, Jason Plummer, Robert Plummer, $1,310,000.
Another rich kid coasting on daddy's money.

5. IL Education Assn IPACE, $872,500.
Backed Hynes, Dillard and Hoffman.

6. Adam Andrzejewski, $758,255.
Maybe he should have bought an easier last name.

7. IL State Medical Society, $483,250.
With only the best interests of patients in mind, I'm sure.

8. IL Hospital Assn PAC, $478,772.
With only the best interests of patients in mind, I'm sure.

9. Construction & General Laborers District Council of Chicago, $432,825.
Can you say Capital Bill?

10. Health Care Council of IL PAC, $407,186.
Because there aren't enough health care PACS yet.

11. Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois, $404,800.
But who represents beer drinkers?

12. IL Pipe Trades PAC, $398,300.
Apparently there's a lot of pipe legislation coming up.

13. IL Federation of Teachers, $379,905.
With only the best interests of students in mind, I'm sure.

14. AT&T IL Employee PAC, $356,335.
Because AT&T employees only want what's best for the people.

15. Fred Eychaner, $351,500.
He's just getting warmed up.

16. Theodore G. Spryopolous, $344,214.
Uniting Greek-Americans by buying his daughter a water reclamation board seat.

17. ComEd PAC, $333,470.
Fighting for the right to raise our rates.

18. Ron Gidwitz, $316,814.
Still spending down that Helene Curtis fortune.

19. Friends of Edward W. Burke/Burnham Com/14th Ward, $313,500.
Make no small contributions.

20. Ameren, $302,225.
They're reaching out to everyone.

21. Thomas Patrick, $301,000.
Former People's Energy bust still making our lives miserable.

22. Craig J. Duchossois, $293,758.
The J stands for slots at the track.

23. John O. Roeser, $260,000.
Rumor has it he's a homosexual.

24. Justin P. Oberman, $258,000.
Has already started office-shopping for 2012.

25. Comcast, $241,050.
Lobbyists available between 1 and 4 p.m.

26. Citizens for Emil Jones Jr., $236,500
Depending on what you mean by "citizens" - and "for."


Comments welcome.


Posted on February 8, 2010

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