Chicago - Jul. 12, 2022
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The Weekend in Occupy Chicago

This is what democracy looks like.

1. "Building upon months of large-scale local protests calling for economic change that benefits the 99%, struggling Chicagoans will board buses early today to take their case to the nation's Capitol," Stand Up! Chicago says in a press release.

"The momentum from recent mass protests - with thousands of protesters with Stand Up! Chicago and Occupy Chicago occupying the street in front of the Modern Wing of the Art Institute on October 10, and taking action on the LaSalle Street Bridge on November 17 - will now take over 300 all the way to Washington, DC, for a week full of actions by and for the 99%."


2. He'll be glad to take their concerns back to City Hall.

John Tolva, tool.

"Transparency helps build trust."


"Mayor Rahm Emanuel has denied requests for public records that might shed light on his decisions to raise vehicle fees and water rates and to legalize speeding camera tickets that could hit drivers with $100 fines," the Tribune reports.

"It's the latest in a pattern of records denials from the mayor, who proclaimed a new commitment to transparency at City Hall under his leadership."

See also: Rahm Emanuel, Selective Champion of Government Transparency


3. Winter Plans, Fiscal Sponsors.


4. "Some of the Occupy Chicago protesters camped out Sunday night on Chicago's South Side," Fox Chicago News reports.

"The group lent support to Rev. Corey Brooks, who is camping on the roof of a vacant motel across the street from his church.

"Brooks needs $450,000 to buy the motel, which he said is a source of problems for the neighborhood.

"He wants to turn it into a community development center."

See also from the Tribune: "Pastor Camped Out On Motel Roof Joined By Occupy Protesters."


5. Video: State Representatives Have Some Choice Words About Occupy Chicago.

See also: "Illinois House Votes Down Occupy Support Resolution, Cites 'Raping,' 'Pillaging'"


6. "Exciting update: Occupied Chicago Tribune is ready for the printer, and we expect it to arrive at @OccupyChicago later this week! #occupychi"


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Posted on December 5, 2011

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