Chicago - Sep. 28, 2020
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The Weekend in Occupy Chicago

This is what democracy looks like.

1. "Veterans celebrated Veterans Day by joining Occupy Chicago protesters downtown to protest the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan," Samantha Abernathy writes for Chicagoist.

"Multiple veterans groups joined the march, including Iraq Veterans Against the War and We Are Not Your Soldiers, an anti-war organization that works to keep military recruiters off of high school campuses."

2. "Two mass arrests of Occupy Chicago protesters in mid-October obliterated the much-lauded mutual goodwill between city law enforcement and the movement, according to Occupy spokesperson Dan Massoglia," the Nation reports.

"The arrests occurred as large groups of protesters attempted to camp out overnight in Grant Park, a public space with a city curfew. Massoglia says some Occupiers were denied phone calls, food, water and medicine while they were held in jail.

"These arrests stem from what remains Occupy Chicago's most urgent task: finding a home. Though stationed at the corner of Jackson and LaSalle in the heart of Chicago's financial district, police have told the group to remain mobile and to keep their supplies on wheels."

See also: Occupy Chicago's new cart!

3. Occupy Chicago in solidarity with Occupy Judaism.

See also: Occupy Challah!

4. Occupy Chicago in solidarity with Occupy Police.

5. "Occupy Chicago protesters are mostly young liberals who blame Wall Street and the Bush administration for the state of the nation's economy, a survey has found," the Daily Herald reports.

"But while 139 of the demonstrators beating drums and holding signs in the city's downtown financial district overwhelmingly told Benedictine University researchers that President Barack Obama didn't contribute to the economic mess, only one-third say he's doing a good job."

6. Investigative cartoonist hangs out with Occupy Chicago.

7. Loyola Professor Al Gini: "The top 1% is dangerous to the very system it wants to sustain and lives off of."


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Posted on November 14, 2011

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