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The McCormick Place Bill of Rights

"To reduce costs, the McPier reform legislation includes a 'bill of rights' that lets convention exhibitors . . . "

* Under-the-table payments to electricians no longer need to be made in unmarked bills.

* The right of exhibitors to bear arms shall not be infringed.

* Bills to exhibitors will now include details such as how much everything costs.

* Rounding up bills to make contributions to the Find Jimmy Hoffa Fund will now be "optional."

* Exhibitors will now have a choice in mob factions supplying their muscle.

* Overtime will now begin after eight hours of work instead of "when we're damn good and ready to start charging overtime." Weekends excepted.

* McPier executives will no longer be allowed to call dibs on new products as they roll off the trucks.

* New swag limits for relatives of McCormick workers; not to exceed a tenth of one's income or the total take must be reported on one's taxes.

* Exhibitors now allowed to visit restrooms alone instead of having to pay for escorts.

* Escorts still available, however, for a fee.

* "Lost and Found" booth will no longer charge for return of items if you can properly identify yourself - beyond a handling fee, of course.


Comments welcome.


Posted on May 11, 2010

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