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The Beachwood Radio Hour #68: The Media Is Blowing The Patrick Kane Story

Anonymous sources, reckless rumors and uninformed speculation. Plus: My Only Japonais Story; United Airlines Has Finally Gone Too Far; Steve Reads The New York Post; and Steve Looks At Tinder.



* Strawberry Rock Show.

* 4/4 time!

1:32: The Rubs at Cole's on Friday night.

3:21: The Continuing Reckless Reporting On Patrick Kane.

* Why I Hate Reporting On Investigations.

* The Score Gets It Right.

* Which Is The Bigger Joke, Sports Mockery Or DNAinfo Chicago?

* Worst Press Conference In The History Of Chicago Sports.

* Ray McDonald's Mother, Lawyer Come To Ex-Bears' Defense.

* Ex-Bear Ray McDonald Charged With Domestic Violence.

* And Now: The Problem With The DNA Test Reporting.

* Trowbridge on Kane.

33:45: Faintlife at Transistor on Friday night.

35:00: My Only Japonais Story.

38:23: United Airlines Has Finally Gone Too Far.

* Or did Rahm make them?

* Hyperwalkspeed.

48:12: Heavy Times at Cole's on Friday night.

49:18: Steve reads the New York Post.

53:41: Steve looks at Tinder.

1:00:27: Neil Young at Northerly Island for Farm Aid on Saturday night.




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Posted on September 22, 2015

MUSIC - Kenny Rogers In The Beachwood.
TV - Jonathan Pie On Lockdown Pt. 2.
POLITICS - U.S. War Crimes In Afghanistan.
SPORTS - The Opening Day That Wasn't.

BOOKS - Poles In Illinois.

PEOPLE PLACES & THINGS - What Is A Chicagoan Anyway?

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