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The Beachwood Radio Hour #62: It's A Shame About CPS

Someone really ought to do something about it. Plus: Donald Trump vs. Mark Kirk; and the Rock 'N' Roll Confederacy.


:00: Strawberry Rock Show.

1:15: Martin Kember at Township on Tuesday night.

3:47: Donald Trump vs. Mark Kirk.

* Donald Trump Uses Old Al Franken POW Joke About John McCain.

* Who Is Mark Kirk? Two Pols In A Pod.

* Tammy Duckworthless (see item No. 6).

* Andrea Zoppless:

18:24: Jill Scott at Northerly Island last Saturday night.

19:35: Trump P.S.

* Trump was actually attacked - by liberals - for each of his previous horrible statements. It's conservatives who are now joining in. Let's get that right.

* Also:

21:36: Forrest Christ.

* Apparatchik.

* Saint.

* Transcript: Rahm Asks Blago To Appoint Claypool To Congress.

* What if everyone sent their kids to CPS?

* How White People And The U.S. Government Created School Districts Like CPS.

46:23: Kinky at the Cobra Lounge last Saturday night.

47:43: Rock 'N' Roll Confederacy.

* 20 Tweets: The Charlie Daniels Band.

* Define irony:

* @tanehisicoates.

* Patterson Hood: The South's Heritage Is So Much More Than A Flag.

* Patterson Hood vs. The Beachwood.

* Tom Petty On Past Confederate Flag Use.

* Dave Stewart.

1:01: Lil Kim at the Shrine on Thursday night.

1:02:26: Loving Public Education - For Others.

1:06:47: EFF Sues For Records About 'Hemisphere' Phone Call Collection And Drug Enforcement Program.

1:08: Laura Poitras Sues U.S. Government To Uncover Records After Years Of Airport Detentions And Searches

1:09:03: TrackNotes: True Justice For Arlington Park, California Chrome.



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Posted on July 19, 2015

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