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The Beachwood Radio Hour #60: Don't Blame Garry McCarthy For Rahm Emanuel's Crime-Causing Policies

The real case against the Chicago police chief. Plus: Bracing For Holiday Weekend Reporting; Here We Go Again With The National Guard; Boykin's Bullshit; and The FBI-CNN Joint Task Force For Fear-Mongering.



:00: Strawberry Rock Show.

1:11: Good Graeff at Lincoln Hall last Friday night.

5:04: Bracing For Holiday Weekend Reporting.

* Police chiefs don't stop crime.

* Chicago Justice Project.

* Stenographic scanner tweeting is not reporting.

18:40: Fire Garry McCarthy - But For The Right Reasons.

* Crain's: Fire Garry McCarthy.

* DNAinfo Chicago: CAPS Is 'Dead,' Says New Police Commander: New Agenda Set for Logan, Wicker.

* Fox Chicago: African-American Aldermen Want New Police Chief.

* Understanding police stats.

* The Truth About Chicago's Crime Rates: Crime Is Down.

* Closing the 13th district station.

36:58: The Case Against McCarthy.

* Lack of transparency.

* Continuing instead of ending the gaming of statistics.

* Deceit about staffing studies; ignoring the data.

40:40: Here We Go Again With The National Guard.

* Behind The 'Disappeared' Of Homan Square.

* The Guardian's Homan Square Story Was Huge On The Internet - But Not In Chicago Media.

50:20: Boykin's Bullshit.

* A 7-Point Plan.

* Chicago lobbyist, federal lobbyist.

* Rahm's crime-causing budgets.

* Janey Rountree.

1:02:20:Ximena Sarinana at Schubas on Friday night.

1:04:26: The FBI-CNN Joint Task Force For Fear-Mongering.



Previously in Tracy Siska:
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* The Beachwood Radio Hour #38: Lessons In Chicago Crime, Politics & Media.


Also relevant: How The U.S. Government Created Crime-Ridden Ghettos.


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Posted on July 2, 2015

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