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The Beachwood Radio Hour #59: Trains, Trails, Rivers & Riot Fest

The Riverwalk Is (Sort Of) Open; The 606 Is (Finally) Here; Rahm's Flyover; Pat Quinn's Blue Ribbon Recommendations Are (Sadly) Dead, Dead, Dead; Riot Fest Got Screwed; and Confession: Maggie Daley Park Is Really Cool.



Natasha Julius in the Beachwood Studio.


:00: Strawberry Rock Show.

1:45: Saxon at the Rosemont Theatre last Saturday night.

4:40: Shhh! The Riverwalk Is (Sort Of) Open.

* $100 million project.

* A barge sunk.

* Chicago Seeks Public Feedback On Rivers' Future.

* Construction began in 2001.

* Rahm announced extension in 2012.

* San Antonio River Walk.



23:25: Here Comes The 606 (Finally).

* Way over budget, way late.

* Not The High Line.

* The Mill City Museum, Guthrie Theater and Stone Arch Bridge.

36:28: Lakefront Trail Project On A Slow And Risky Path.

43:10: Billy Butler, "I'll Bet You," 1967 (Brunswick).

45:40: Rahm's Flyover.

* The CTA Expands Scope, Cost Of Brown Line Flyover Project.

* Red Line Extension Promised For Decades.

58:40: Pat Quinn's Blue Ribbon Committee Recommendations On Transit Are (Sadly) Dead, Dead, Dead.

* See also: Natasha's Four-Part Series: A Modest Transit Proposal.

1:06:40: Myra Melford's Unfettered Swing.

* The Making of Elton John.

1:12:15: Riot Fest Got Screwed.

* The real story: Ald. Robert Maldonado's backroom dealing.

* The Real Estate King Of The Chicago City Council.

* Unwitting dupes who think they had something to do with evicting Riot Fest from Humboldt Park were tools in a political game to which they were not privy.

* NIMBY: is it a net gain for the world as a whole to Humboldt Park's self-styled radicals to push Riot Fest to Douglas Park, where the festival organizers don't live and whose community has just had this thing plopped down on them without any input or organic growth as a neighborhood event?

1:21:54: Confession: Maggie Daley Park Is Really Cool.




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Posted on May 30, 2015

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