Chicago - Apr. 10, 2021
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The Beachwood Radio Hour #57: Chicago Teeters On A Fulcrum!

And Rahm Emanuel is our only hope. Plus: Cub Fan Gonna Cub Fan; When David Letterman Lost The Plot; Daddy Chance The Streets & San Super; Secret Hospitals Of The 1%; and Bruce Rauner's Vegas Government.


:00: Strawberry Rock Show.

1:25: mr. Gnome at Subterranean on Friday night.

3:00: Cubs Fan Gonna Cubs Fan.

* Todd Ricketts on Undercover Boss.

* It was supposed to be "Food fight!"

7:55: When Letterman Lost The Plot.

* Letterman Apologizes On Air To Wife.

* Stephanie Birkitt Has Been Written Out Of Letterman's Late Show History And It's A Damn Shame.

* Letterman and Me.

13:20: George Clinton at the Arcada Theatre in St. Charles on Friday night.

14:50: Hail, Rahm!

* The cause of - and solution to - all of our problems!

* Tweeting is not stenography, nor is reporting.

* Bill Clinton did not have relations with Rahm's infrastructure trust.

* The Tribune editorial page in all its unself-aware glory!

* Chicago teeters on a fulcrum!

35:05: Towkio feat. Chance the Rapper at the Metro on Saturday night.

* Daddy Chance, Lisa Madigan and "Juice."

40:45: Secret Hospital Rooms Of The 1%.

* Paging Northwestern! On a hunch.

47:44: Ben Folds at Park West on Saturday night.

49:48: Bruce Rauner's Vegas Government.

* He is who we thought he was - and we let him off the hook!

1:10:00: The Rentals at Bottom Lounge on Saturday night.

STOPPAGE: 15:02.


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Posted on May 21, 2015

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